Sustainability for Kids!

Here are some fun activities that will help kids learn about sustainability issues in an educational way!

The United States Environmental Protection Agency


The Environmental Protection Agency offers young people the chance to understand how the environment works by playing awesome games and using fun interactive maps. One really educational and exciting game is recycle city. In this game kids can understand the benefits of recycling and finally discovery the mystery of the disappearing garbage! Where does it all go? The EPA’s environmental club is exclusively for kids! Warning: MUST BE 18 and under to qualify as a kid.

Here a few more exciting games on the EPA’s Environmental Kid’s Club Page!


(In this cool arcade game kids can destroy bacteria before it contaminates the ocean!)


(On this cool site kids can not only play games about water efficiency, but they can learn different ways that they can save water and discover why it’s really important for the environment.)


(Kids can solve mazes, play crossword puzzles, and do word searches in order to find out more about asthma triggers that may exist in their homes.)

Environmental Justice at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has provided a comprehensive breakdown of the term “environmental justice.” They explain that the environment is everywhere -where you live, work, play, and go to school. Environment also includes where your water comes from and where your food is grown. The NIEHS goes on to explain the basics of fair treatment and what this means for environmental justice. Environmental Justice can be summed up in this sentence: “a new term that simply means making sure that everyone has a fair chance of living the healthiest life possible.”