Demographics Summary

Comparing the Total Population of North Shore Staten Island, we came to the conclusion that Clifton is the most populated over all Census Tracts, showing a total population of 21,125.

Looking at Race, the White population in each area is around 4,000 except for Mariner’s Harbor which has a low population of 2,605. African Americans are mostly populated in Clifton at 10,878, compared to a much lower number in all other areas of North Shore, ranging from 257 to 4,237.  On the other hand the Asian population overall is very low in all the areas we have studied. The Asian population are the lowest in New Brighton and West Brighton and highest in Clifton, 2,545 with Asians. In Census Tract 17 for Stapleton, the Asian population is 0.  The Hispanic race in Clifton, compared to the rest of North Shore, is shown to be the most populated with 5,526 Hispanics.

Income Per Capita from the Census of 2005-2009 for the Past 12 months is highest at $63,608 for Mariner’s Harbor and the lowest Income Per Capita is $16,281 for Clifton.

In conclusion, the most populated area is Clifton and the least populated area is Stapleton, both areas have the lowest Income Per Capita and Per Median Family.  The fact that Clifton has the most population of African Americans and Hispanics; it reflects on the low income. Clearly this projects what we have learned in class in reference to the environments that African Americans and Hispanics live in; areas that are toxic have less green spaces and have more traffic congestion.

Demographic Maps

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Percent African American 2010

Percent “Foreign Born, 2005-2009

Percent of Hispanics Living in Poverty, with Superfund Sites, 2000
Public Housing & Superfund Sites, 2010

North Shore: Income & Race/Ethnicity Trends

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